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Pieces was a near-daily pop-up newsletter where I shared progress and problems during my home-based writing retreat.

Ever subscribed to a pop-up newsletter? One that has a clear start and end date? That comes into your life, flickers briefly then disappears back into the ether?

Pieces was a pop-up newsletter. Sign up below for when I do it again.

Here's the deal. On Monday 29th November 2021, the day after my birthday, I attempted a home-based writing retreat, where I spent an entire week in my shed trying to make progress on my second novel. No client work. Pure fiction.

A week before on Monday 22 November 2021, I started sending a near-daily newsletter to track my progress and share my challenges. I stopped sending emails the week after the retreat on Friday 10 December.

And that was it. No more updates.

The whole experience was hugely rewarding. I made good progress on my novel. And the newsletter led to some of the most lovely feedback I've ever had for a project. Thanks everyone!

Update: The newsletter has ended! Explore the Pieces archives.

Diary of a home writing retreat

Pieces has ended for now, but it was ace so I may do it again in 2022 if you want some of the action then. Unsubscribe any time.


You can read all emails here on my website via the Pieces archive. Or you can go straight to them via the list below too.

10 December – 13: Time is up

08 December – 12: Small changes

06 December – 11: Much commotion

03 December – 10: A good sign

02 December – 09: Texture later

01 December – 08: One true opening

30 November – 07: Scenes and scraps

29 November – 06: Mini discoveries

28 November – 05: Birthday twins

26 November – 04: What's the plan?

24 November – 03: Get past the monkeys

23 November – 02: Tools of the trade

22 November – 01: Wishful thinking