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An entire internet page that contains information entirely about me and all the things that I have done. What a world.


My name is Iain Broome and I’m an author and freelance content designer. My first novel is called A is for Angelica, published by Legend Press and available to order from all good book shops.

This is a site for writers, readers and anyone interested in publishing, technology and what it’s like to be a professional wordsmith. I wrote A is for Angelica over a number of years while building a career as a professional copywriter and all-round content bod.

I’ve edited literary magazines and co-founded a successful monthly open-mic event for creative writing. I have a degree in English and an MA Writing from Sheffield Hallam University.

I live in lovely Sheffield with my wife, our identical twin boys and two fearless daughters.

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Nice messages are never not welcome. You can get in touch by emailing me or through Twitter. I don't mind which.

Twitter: @iainbroome