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I have hosted and produced a range of podcasts over the last 15 years, from documentaries and interviews to more informal chit-chat shows.

Iain Broome holding a microphone while Ross Brannigan interviews Tristan Janmart before the Trans Pyrenees race number 2.
Interviewing riders at Trans Pyrenees race in 2022 / Photo: Tomás Montes

I recorded and published my first podcast episode way back in 2009. Since then, I've produced and hosted several shows, including my own projects and as part of work for some ace people and organisations.

I am currently podcast producer for Lost Dot, which organises some of the world's best and most well-known ultra-distance cycling races.

I'm going to update this page properly very soon, but here is a full list of podcasts that I have worked on.

  • The Accursed Race (May 2024)
  • Transcontinental Race No10 (July 2024)
  • Trans Pyrenees Race No4 (September 2024)
  • Kinship Together (for Kinship, in production)
  • Women Who Race
  • Trans Pyrenees Race No3
  • Transcontinental Race No9
  • Trans Pyrenees Race No2
  • The Clever Content Show
  • Sheffield Digital Podcast
  • CreativeMornings Sheffield
  • Perform Green Podcast
  • The Curriculum Podcast (for Cornerstones Education)
  • Kurious Writers
  • Write for Your Life

Guest appearances

I've also been a guest on several podcasts, where I have talked about my foray into the publishing world and, more recently, my freelance content design work.