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What to do with your unfinished manuscript in 2013

It’s a new year and everyone is making resolutions and predictions. When it comes to writing, there are three main options, especially if you’re halfway through a major project and wondering what will happen to it in the coming months. Here are those options as I

Why I prefer editing to writing

Recently, on the Write for Your Life podcast, I talked about there being two essential elements to writing: the writing itself and the showing it to people. I said it in reference to the age-old issue of being a confident a writer, and the leap of faith you need to

Make sure all your writing is marvellous

When you busy away at your short story, poem or blog article, you form opinions about your work. Inevitably, there will be some sentences, paragraphs or turns of phrase that you believe are brilliant. They show that you’re a genius. A total whizz. The king or queen of

Speak up and be a brave writer

Yesterday I took part in a Dragon’s Den style pitching competition on behalf of The Workshop, the creative agency kind enough to employ me as a copywriter. The event was hosted by Clear Channel and you can see me in action here (3:31:32), if you’