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Speak up and be a brave writer

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Yesterday I took part in a Dragon’s Den style pitching competition on behalf of The Workshop, the creative agency kind enough to employ me as a copywriter. The event was hosted by Clear Channel and you can see me in action here (3:31:32), if you’re interested.
The point is, the experience was quite nerve-wracking. Not in a terrible way, but in that butterflies-stomach-want-to-vomit kind of a way that you get before speaking in front of lots of people. Mild terror can happen to the best of us.

In fact, mild terror usually happens to us everyone at some point, especially writers who are anxious about reading their work in public or even talking about their writing in front of others.

That’s what this episode is about. I want to encourage you, however daunting it may seem, to stand up, be brave and learn to speak up about your creative work. Like all things, it gets better the more you do it (feel free to snigger childishly).

Watch this episode on Vimeo

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