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Podcasts for writers, music for working to and advice from some literary greats

10 links to some of the internet's best goodies

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Podcasts for writers, music for working to and advice from some literary greats

It's a cheeky weekend newsletter this week.

Seeing everyone on Twitter talking about how much TV they are watching at the moment made me think about this piece of tiny flash fiction I wrote a few years ago. It was illustrated and collaged by my artist/designer pal, Rich Wells.

Here’s the text:

These days, I watch TV and think about the different places that I’d rather be than here with you until, almost always, I remember some occasion when together we were sad and then – slowly – I am pulled from the weeds, all at once in love again.

I have nothing else to say this week apart from I hope you're all right and being creative where you can. Enjoy the links below. Follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Highlighted – this clever app uses text recognition to let you scan real-life books then save passages alongside notes and tags
  2. 11 Writing Lessons I Learnt from Masterclass – an article full of nuggets learned from some of the literary world's most famous names
  3. Chirr App: Twitter thread maker – this is a great tool for writing threads on Twitter and being able to save them as drafts is very useful indeed
  4. 12 great interviews with authors and publishing types – this series of webinars on The Empowered Author is fantastic ( they are free but you need to subscribe by email)
  5. Music That’s Perfect for Working – this from to go with my own albums to write to
  6. How children’s books have changed in 20 years – important and interesting read, especially if you write for children
  7. Podcasts for Readers & Writers – it's a short list, but you might find something (did I tell you the Write for Your Life podcast is back online)
  8. StickyList – incredibly basic to-do app that acts as a digital Post it note
  9. How to Remember Something for the Rest of Your Life – a simple idea, but I really love it
  10. Microsoft Word now flags two spaces after a period as an error – 🎉🎉🎉

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