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Unslush the directory is coming soon

Plus save the arts, open a shop, learn to storyboard and much more!

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
3 min read
Unslush the directory is coming soon

Hello there!

Here I am again – Iain Broome – back with more exciting links and information for writers who want to learn new tricks, find a readership and save the flippin' arts.

First – can everyone join me in offering a huge welcome and socially-distant cuddle to the 70 (seventy!) new subscribers who've signed up since last we emailed. 👋

Second – can you all turn to the left, hold out your hand and offer an equally socially-distant pat on the back to the subscriber in front of you. Because Unslush is now a newsletter with more than 1000 readers. And you are all very special indeed.

Hooray! Thank you for reading! 🎉

Unslush – the website

So a couple of issues ago, I said I was building a new thing to live on the web address. I can now tell you that the thing will be a directory of tools and resources for writers (see image above). My feeling is you are going to like it a lot.

Here’s a thread you might want to bookmark on Twitter.

Among other things, you'll be able to:

  • bookmark resources
  • upvote your favourites
  • become a curator.

I'm currently adding content to the site, but it should be live on the internet sooner rather than later. There are no plans to change the format of this newsletter, apart from calling it Unslush Weekly to make it clear what's what. What?

This is where I would say go sign up to get notified when it all goes live. But you are literally reading the newsletter right now. So don't worry about it.

Share your thoughts!

What do you think? I'm very much open to feedback and content suggestions, so please use the comment feature on the web version of this email to tell all.

Every issue I collect and share the best advice, apps and other shenanigans that I find on my internet travels. Find something useful? Subscribe for free.

  1. Why you shouldn't leave the arts – fantastic video essay by Leena Norms on why the arts are kind of, you know, worth saving.
  2. Ko-fi now lets you set up a shop in 60 seconds – that's on top of one-off donations, monthly subscriptions and commissions.
  3. How famous directors storyboard their films – brilliant introduction to storyboarding and how it all works.
  4. The writing sheds of famous writers – one day, my friends, I shall be on one of these lists (via reader, Nik Rawlinson).
  5. How to create a writer’s business planmakes note: this is probably a good idea.
  6. List of writing organisations that offer advice and support – this is from the excellent Writersphere newsletter by Davina Tijani.
  7. ilys – bonkers writing app that urges you to crack on by not showing you what you have written (via Ann Handley's newsletter).
  8. Newspaper Club – very cool internet service that helps you make and print your own newspapers.
  9. 26 Literary Magazines That Pay $100 or More – I asked how much literary mags typically pay and Geoffrey Golden from Adventure Snack sent me this.
  10. Max Porter on book readings – thoughtful article, but I am mostly sharing it with you for the following sentence.
"The privilege of having an audience or a readership, the sheer good fortune of that, means one should make every effort to support the work of others and where possible divide any limelight between many voices, many types of work."

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