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Tools for writing sprints

Plus writing full time, essential newsletters and finding an agent.

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Tools for writing sprints

Hello there

Forgive the late email this week. But celebrate this unexpected Sunday surprise.

This time last Saturday, I was busy turning 40 on the same day my daughter turned one. It was somewhat calmer and less stressful than my 39th birthday.

You can find a lovely picture of us both below because why the hell not?

Speaking of pictures, the one above is a snap of my new physical, tangible timer. I'm going to use it to try and make myself work in writing sprints. This is something I did before it had a name when I was writing my debut novel.

Actually, I called it chunking. And I wrote a blog post about how I did my chunking. It’s all about short bursts of focused writing followed by five minutes or so rest. Or eating another biscuit, in my case.

Sound like fun? Here are some other tools and resources:

Okay. That's it. Enjoy more links below. Forward this email if you found it useful.


PS To try and save myself some time in this busy part of the year, I've picked a bunch of links where the title tells the story. Kind of cheating. All brill though.

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  1. Becoming a Full-time Writer
  2. How to Build a Thriving and Fulfilling Author Platform From Scratch
  3. How to market your ebook for guaranteed sales
  4. How one author uses Airtable to Plot Fiction
  5. Six top tips for writing crime fiction
  6. Jessie Burton on the importance of endurance for writers
  7. How I found my literary agent
  8. The Burner List: My Simple, Paper-Based System for Focused To-dos
  9. 21 Essential Newsletters for Makers, Designers, and Creative Entrepreneurs
  10. Walling - Visual walls for your ideas, projects and research

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