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Publishing industry, meet YouTube

Last week, the excellent news and features site, Publishing Perspectives [], posted two articles about video and publishing, with a specific focus on YouTube. Though very much well-intentioned, I thought that both pieces were good examples of what’s wrong with the industry. Here they are: * What Can

A is for Angelica

Watch me reading from A is for Angelica on YouTube

The easy way to enjoy my novel is to buy a copy [] , sit down with a good cup of tea and, you know, read the thing. The next best way is to subscribe to my YouTube channel [http:

positive thinking

3 reasons to be positive about your writing

Us writers are a negative bunch from time to time. We get needy about our work and think that the whole world is against us [], even if the exact opposite is true. We love a good whinge. That’s just how most of us are. In


What to do when you’re… waiting

Writers are excellent waiters. We have to be. It’s part of our job description. In one way or another we scribes often find ourselves in a state of anticipation, whether we’re waiting to hear back from a prospective literary agent or on tenterhooks about feedback regarding the latest

Creative writing

Do you need university qualifications to be a good writer? writing courses have become hugely popular in the last 15 years and more and more English degrees feature creative writing as part of their syllabus. These days it’s quite common to hear that an author’s first novel or debut poetry collection