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Publishing industry, meet YouTube

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Last week, the excellent news and features site, Publishing Perspectives, posted two articles about video and publishing, with a specific focus on YouTube. Though very much well-intentioned, I thought that both pieces were good examples of what’s wrong with the industry.
Here they are:

First of all, the general tone is, “Blimey, look at these people being successful with video,” which is all very well, but not exactly news. The industry always seems to be years behind the curve. I find it really frustrating.

Second, the emphasis was on YouTubers with millions of subscribers, like the author John Green, who I actually really like. But he and the other (non-literary) people cited are outliers. They are one or a few of a kind. Their success is not replicable.

And yet that always seems to be the plan in publishing. “Look how wildly successful that book or author was, let’s throw money at thew wall and try and do that too.” What they’re missing is the highly talented and plenty successful middle group.

Anyway, watch the video to hear more about what I think on the matter. If you’re reading this via RSS or in an email, you can head to YouTube and watch the video there. And why not subscribe to my channel while you’re at it? I can think of no reason.


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