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10 things you didn't know about A is for Angelica

It’s three years since my debut novel, A is for Angelica, was published. I’ve talked about it plenty, especially on my podcast for writers, but there are still a few things that you may not know. When I started writing the novel, the narrator was a teenage boy

Picking the right idea for your novel

Writing on her blog for writers, Writability, Ava Jae today asked the question: where do your novel ideas come from? It’s a good question and one that writers will answer differently, I’m sure. For me, A is for Angelica started life as a single sentence that

Unknown and unpublished: enjoy it while it lasts

Guest post by Fiona Maddock I read shovel loads of stuff about how, when and why my first novel won’t be published. In fact, if I read too much more I’ll be buried under it and then I’ll never get anything done. I do believe strongly though,

What to do when you’re… waiting

Writers are excellent waiters. We have to be. It’s part of our job description. In one way or another we scribes often find ourselves in a state of anticipation, whether we’re waiting to hear back from a prospective literary agent or on tenterhooks about feedback regarding

How CCTV can help improve your productivity

Okay, so as I mentioned in my post about prioritising your priorities, I’m spending much of this summer editing my novel into shape. That’s because I now have a literary agent, which is very exciting, although not what this post is about. If you’d