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How to live now

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
3 min read
How to live now

How are you doing?

It's been a couple of weeks since I last emailed and like everyone else, I've been trying to make sense of everything and adapt to this new way of living.

I've found it almost impossible to articulate how I've been feeling in writing. And I am absolutely mystified by all these people who reckon they've suddenly got loads of time on their hands to be creative. This is as much a time for taking stock as spinning up side projects.

Anyway. Rather than write, I thought I would dust off the microphone and record some thoughts on the past couple of weeks. You should be able to listen to my ramblings via the audio player below. It's basically me reflecting on how I've spent my time and saying it's okay to not be okay.

Iain's initial thoughts on entering Covid lockdown

I actually recorded this last Friday. But having four children at home and trying to deal with work projects being put on pause has meant I've not been able to put it out. And with that in mind, forgive me for the rather concise approach to listing links below. I plan to get back on schedule next week.

Two more things:

  1. Hello to all new subscribers! Thanks for joining us at this scary and unusual time.
  2. Let me know if you like the audio. It's how I imagined the podcast version of the newsletter could be. Just a bit less fun. Obviously.

That's it. Go find something useful below.

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Make It Click – free learning resources to build your digital skills

Before I share the usual writing and publishing-related links, allow me to point you at Make It Click. This is a project I've been working on with the UK's biggest digital inclusion charity, Good Things Foundation.

Essentially, it's a growing list of free learning resources (courses, tools, templates) to help people build their digital skills. We've just added a 'working from home' section.

If you know someone who really doesn't have any digital skills at all, you might want to set them up on Learn My Way instead.

Stop Trying to Be Productive – seriously, do what you need to do

Metaphor Map: 100+ Metaphors, Similes, and Analogies for Writers – as described, this is one for you poets

9 ways to save indies now – important things you can do to help – All-in-One Bookmarks Manager – shared before, I've started using it

The Five Best Tools for Outlining Your Next Novel – we're talking pens folks

How To Sell Your Books Directly To Readers And Get Paid Immediately – practical advice from Joanna Penn

Creatives on Their Most Valued Habits – enjoyable fluff that's occasionally helpful

5 Ways to Read Faster That ACTUALLY Work – actually quite useful tips

The Shelf Life: A Podcast Sitcom – new show from Unslush reader and all-round good egg, Harry Marks

How to Build a Fan Base as an Author – some practical ideas that sadly include Facebook

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