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01: Double dose of news

The first dispatch from The Broome Cupboard and it contains two pieces of exciting news. Well, three actually!

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Hello everyone

First of all, thank you again for taking the trouble to sign up to my special mailing list. I really appreciate it and I hope that it proves handy and interesting. Maybe even both. Imagine that.

I said that this mailing list would contain exciting news and exclusive content. I don't have any of the latter to give you in this first, short update (sorry). But I do have two big fat chunks of the former.

Let's start with Angelica.

Pre-order now, now, now!

It makes me all fuzzy inside to say that you can now pre-order the paperback version of my debut novel, A is for Angelica. It comes out on 1 September this year and it's all very exciting.

If you like your books to be all digital, panic ye not. The ebook version of A is for Angelica comes out a month earlier, on 1 August. This is the perfect option for those of you who are either Kindle crazy, impatient, or not in the UK.

That said, pre-order the paperback now and I'll be your friend forever. Promise. I'm doing pinky finger as I type.

Oh, and the cover was designed by the hugely talented Jonathan Wilkinson, of We Live Here and Britarama fame. I love it. It's perfect.

Double trouble

Believe it or not, getting published after many years of hard graft and persistence isn't the most important thing to happen to me this year. I know. I'm surprised too.

In September, the same month Angelica arrives, so too will another little bundle of joy. In fact, make that two little bundles of joy. Me and my wife, Suzy, are pregnant with twins. Twins! TWINS!

I know. It's completely nuts and wonderful. We can't wait.

By the way, this is an internet exclusive. Apart from real-life friends and family, you're the first to know.

What next?

This is the first of several newsletters I hope to send you over the year. The plan is to get in touch only when I've got something important to share with you. I think this edition fits that criteria pretty nicely.

As I understand, you can reply to this email. If not, you're very welcome to contact me by emailing or by saying hello on the Twitter.

That's it!

With firm embraces,


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