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Two years and counting

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Two years and counting

In February 2017, I was thrust into self-employment without any clients or any sense of what would come next. Two years later and I have what appears to be a sustainable freelance content business.

It's a landmark! I believe in noticing landmarks.

Anyway, I wrote about that and some of the things I've done that have helped along the way. Big link below.

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Very Meta is two years old

Look mum – it’s me! After 24 months of freelancing, I feel like I can now say that I’ve built a business that can grow and last. Ever thought of freelancing yourself? Read some of the decisions that have paid off for me.

Top tips for new writers on getting started

This is not just for new writers. Every single point made in this shortish piece I agree with and wish I could follow better myself. If you’ve opened this newsletter looking for practical writing advice, this is your first click.

Ko-fi – Get support from people who love your work

As regular readers know, I am very interested in new ways for authors and other creative folk to get paid for their work. Ko-fi looks like a great option that doesn’t lead to the relentless reward-based cycle of Patreon.

Residencies for Writers in 2019

I’ve always loved the idea of doing a writing residency. You know, spending a chunk of time in a specific place, writing away, absorbing it all, getting stuff done, ditching the phone. No chance for me right now. But for you?

Screely - Generate Beautiful Mockups

Not writing-related at all, but if you ever have the need to take a screenshot, this tool does that in one click, pops a fetching browser window around the image and adds a lovely background colour. Super handy.

How to Read 80ish Books a Year (And Actually Remember Them)

This is an interview with Shane Parrish who writes the Farnam Street blog. It’s actually full of good advice, though I think swayed heavily towards reading non-fiction. Read 25 pages a day. He’s said that elsewhere.

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