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06: Too much, too soon?

I launched a new podcast, but you'll also like Jerry Seinfeld's new show and an article I found on how to launch... anything.

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Hello everyone

Toot toot, it's Friday!

Before I show you something interesting, can I just remind you that you can, if you want to, reply to these emails.

Apart from compliments and well wishes, I'd particularly like to know if you have any questions you want answering, or if you'd rather receive emails, say, once a fortnight instead. I'm happy sending them weekly, but you know, I don't want to get on your nerves.

Anyway, this week I launched Very Meta, my new podcast for readers and writers and internet people. It's like a public diary of a working writer, who just happens to be me. You can find out more on my launch post.

Something else you might like is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It is what it says it is. One of the comedians is always Jerry Seinfeld, as it's his show, and every episode I've watched has been both funny and interesting. The bits where they talk about the writing process are great.

Finally, I'm in the middle of reading this article Smashing Magazine called How to Launch Anything. It's full of fantastic advice and if you're the sort who's up for flogging stuff on the internet, you should probably take a squizz.

Anyway. Have a lovely weekend.

Polite motions,


PS This week, I changed the font on my website. Nobody noticed.

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