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How I use a mind map to build stories

Guest post by Paul Donovan Campos [] A mind map is a means to visually represent ideas and their relationship to one another. It’s a brainstorming tool frequently used in education, the business world, and the entertainment industry – often in collaborative projects. In principle it’s meant

Creative writing

The importance of story structure

Guest post by Sophie Johnson [] We learn from a young age that all stories should have a beginning, middle and end. Whatever you’re writing, you should bear in mind that all forms of story need some sort of structure, whether you’re working on a

Creative writing

Writing goals 2: Short-term targets, long-term goals

The first post in Write for Your Life’s ongoing ‘Writing goals’ series encouraged you to aim high, but manage your expectations []. Now, it’s time to look at how you approach your writing once you’ve decided what you want to achieve. I’


Writing goals 1: Don't expect the unexpected

A new year has arrived and us writers have been pondering over our plans for the coming 12 months. Everyone’s been at it. Writer Dad [] tells us to set achievable goals and commit to seeing them through, while Leo Babauta at Write to Done

Writing goals 1: Don't expect the unexpected