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Whatever you do, don’t be a needy writer

Before I crack on with this post, I should probably get one thing clear. This is as much a note to self as it is advice or comment. We can all be needy writers from time to time and I’m no different. But that doesn’t make it right.

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Critiquing etiquette: six ways to provide gracious feedback

Guest post by Jodi Cleghorn [] > “Receiving feedback is difficult. But giving feedback with grace is even more so.” Casing Compliments | Bobulate [] via Broomeshtick [] To grow and evolve as a writer you must offer


A writer’s guide to feedback and writing groups

Guest post by Elizabeth Markham []. For most of us who write, the desire to share our stories with the world (and maybe even get paid for it) means we can’t write in isolation – we need feedback. There are many ways to get feedback, including