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Small Product Lab days 8–10: Losing track and light launching

I start by telling you that the Writing Style Guide Starter Kit is now available to buy. I didn’t follow the exact Small Product Lab (SPL) guidelines in the last couple of days, but I did launch my product bang on time. Day 8: Launch plan? This was the


Small Product Lab (Days 5–7): Rethink, pre-order, pricing

Time for another update on my progress with Gumroad’s Small Product Lab. We’re at a point now (Day 8) where I’m panicking about whether I’ll get my product out on time, so I’m going to write this quickly. But before I begin, I should say

content strategy

Small Product Lab (Days 1–2): Deciding and planning

I’m taking part in Gumroad’s Small Product Lab, which gives me 10 days to take an idea from just that to an actual thing that people can buy. I’ll be writing about the process here on my blog and this is my first update. Forgive any awkward

beth morey

Zen and the art of not writing

Guest post by Beth Morey Does this situation sound familiar? You wake at an indefinably early hour to sneak in some quality time with your manuscript. You brew the coffee, clear the inbox and gag that pesky inner editor. You apply the seat of your pajama pants to the seat


A beginner’s guide to writing for the web

Guest post by Rob Mills One of the privileges of being a writer is the opportunity to share stories with, evoke emotions in, and connect to other people. With more traditional storytelling platforms such as books, authors are not present when their audience is reading their work. Indeed they can


Copywriters: ghosts of their writing selves?

Guest post by Manuela Boyle I write five days out of seven. Some weeks maybe more. Original prose no less; raw materials plucked from different vocabulary sets and arranged into a new word order. But here’s my dark secret: I write for other people. What am I talking about?


Seven tips to help you become a better fact checker

Guest post by Mary Ward Fact checking allows you to separate fact from fiction. If you do not want to be fooled by inaccuracies that you read or hear then you need to know what to do and where to go to find the truth. Otherwise, you will be forced