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Things I know now that once I did not

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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It’s strange how much we take our skills and experience for granted. We go to work, enjoy our hobbies and, for the most part, think nothing of it. But it’s important to stop and take stock once in a while, look at what we’ve achieved and be proud.
I spent the best part of today talking to groups of University students. They were at The Workshop to learn about working in a professional environment. My part of the session focused on standing out from the crowd and using social media.

To be honest, I’ve been busy at work and didn’t have much time to prepare. Because of that, I decided simply to talk about some of the things I’ve done over the last five years. Like getting my current job, finishing my novel and launching Write for Your Life.

It wasn’t until afterwards that I started to think about what I had said to the students, and the things I’ve done since leaving university. Back then I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing – I just knew that I wanted to write. And yet look at me now. I write. That’s what I do.

People say that things are meant to be, but I’m not so sure. Almost everything I’ve achieved – the things I’m most proud of – have come through hard work and persistence.

I used to be a pretty handy footballer when I was younger, but then I spent every waking hour playing football. Now I’m a professional writer with a completed novel to my name. That hasn’t happened by chance, either. It wasn’t meant to be. I chose a route and went for it.

But it’s easy to focus on the going for it and forget to take in both where you are and how you got there. Speaking today about my career and writing, I realised something: there are things I know now that once I did not.

An obvious realisation. A simple and important truth.

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