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Write for Your Life is one year old today!

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Well doesn’t time fly, eh?
This time last year I finally got round to launching Write for Your Life. It was something I’d talked about for ages, but always put off because I was worried about how much time I could devote to it.

And actually, that’s proved to be a fairly legitimate concern, as the second half of 2009 has seen me need to concentrate on editing my novel after acquiring a literary agent for it in the summer.

However, that hasn’t stopped people, you very kind people, visiting Write for Your Life, reading posts and being altogether wonderful and supportive.

At the time of writing, this blog has over 600 subscribers and a regular flow of traffic. And while I know that we’re hardly breaking any records, those figures are far beyond what I expected 365 days ago.

So thank you. Thank you for taking an interest in this blog and leaving your comments. Thank you for all the tweets and retweets. I genuinely appreciate all the support.

Got any highlights?

Well thank you for asking, yes I do actually. I’ve picked out three posts that I think have helped set Write for Your Life apart a little and that sum up what the blog is about.

1. Writers, abandon your muses – they’re a work of fiction!
This was my first journey into the blogosphere and remains one of the blog’s most commented on and most visited posts. It wasn’t written to court controversy, but it seemed people were a little more attached to their muses than perhaps I bargained for!

2. How CCTV can help improve your productivity
This post seemed a bit silly when I first came up with the idea. But actually, it turned out to be a real (if slightly off the wall) productivity trick. And it was, I think, a realtively unique writing tip.

3. Ignore anyone who tells you to write, write, write!
Tired of reading all the posts and tweets that told me I couldn’t call myself a writer unless I spent every ounce of energy writing, I put together a few thoughts on the subject. The following day this post appeared on the front page of Delicious and I was left rather agog.

Of course, I must also thank those people who kindly provided guest posts when I was even more up against it with my novel than I am now! Especially as Sophie Johnson’s post on story structure continues to pick up ‘best of’ mentions!

So what now?

Well there’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes at Write for Your Life towers. The blog is being redesigned and looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m also about to start writing the much-promised e-book explaining my post-it note system for planning and editing my novel.

There’s other stuff too, but I’ll reveal more in the new year. For now, feel free to raise a glass and help me celebrate a year in the blogosphere. Here’s to an exciting, writerly 2010!

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