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Here are three recent editions that were super popular:

Quantity over qualityPaper-like iPad writing, Ray Bradbury's writing advice, getting a literary agent, plus YouTube and TikTok audience-building tactics.

Your second brainGrowing your newsletter, places to self-publish, organising a writing retreat and a writing tool that connects your thoughts.

Look at my fancy keyboardPlus getting more true fans, how book deals work, common writing tips and how to write every flippin' day.

About me

I'm the author of A is for Angelica, a novel about a man who makes terrible decisions in unthinkable circumstances. It was published in 2012 by Legend Press and it is available in paperback and audiobook.

Since then, I have written zero books and had four children, which tells its own story. I am currently working on novel two and a collection of short fiction. All good things come from patience and persistence.