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The end of the Write for Your Life podcast

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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I have currently recorded 157 episodes of the Write for Your Life podcast, the first in 2009 and the most recent, just before Christmas last year. Me and Donna, my co-host for the last couple of years, have made a difficult and slightly sad decision. We will record two more shows and then, well, that will be that.

Why stop now?

It’s really straightforward and if you’ve listened to any of our shows over the last 18 months, you’ll know exactly why.

We both have young families. We both work full-time. And we both really, really want to write our second books.

We took a break last year and though we still love recording together, it’s proved more and more difficult to get back into the routine. The shows are an hour long, but (believe it or not) there’s a lot of work that goes into pre-show prep and editing too.

When time is limited anyway, several hours every week is a lot to give up.

We’ll no doubt talk about this a lot more on the two final shows that we are yet to record and publish. I’ll post them both here on my site as well as on 5by5 when they’re out.

So is that it? Like, forever ever?

For the Write for Your Life podcast, yes. These shows will absolutely be our last, which means that after eight years, I will no longer be working on anything that has the Write for Your Life name in it. Sniff. Blub.

But it doesn’t mean that I’ll be leaving the airwaves forever or that me and Donna won’t work together again. I’m not sure what shape it will take, but the plan is to start a new, independent podcast at some point later this year.

I love podcasting and I have so many ideas, including recording short, solo show as a behind-the-scenes take on my novel writing process. I don’t think I’m going to do that though. Because what I really need to do is write. Write, write, write.

Whatever happens next for us podcast-wise, the best way to find out about it is to follow me on Twitter or, even better, subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Some thank yous

It wouldn’t be a farewell without saying thank you to a few people.

First of all, Joanne Mateer, my real-life pal and a fine writer to boot. Joanne was my first regular co-host and recorded some of those early shows that I think still stand up today. She was a guest on later shows too and has always been a great friend and source of support and encouragement.

Next, Myke Hurley. It was when Myke asked me to join his fledgling 70Decibels network that Write for Your Life really found its feet.

We recorded around 30 shows together. That period happened to track my progress from unpublished author to getting a deal and seeing my book hit the shelves. Myke went on to co-found the marvellous, but without his expertise and input, the Write for Your Life podcast wouldn’t have reached 50 shows, never mind 150.

Finally, my trusty co-host for the last couple of years, Donna Sørensen.

Donna’s wit, wisdom and penchant for nonsense has made this final phase of the show’s life by far the best. We’ve recorded roughly 70 episodes together and she is unarguably the greatest amateur xylophone player to ever grace the podcasting airwaves.

I should also point out that, when you blow away the fog of self-deprecation that we both shroud ourselves in on the show, you see that Donna is a fine poet with a long literary career ahead of her. If you haven’t already, buy Dream Country. You’ll get what I mean.

Aren’t you missing someone?

Ah, yes. Of course. You there. Our wonderful listeners.

Once the final two episodes are out in the world, the show will have had around 300,000 total downloads. Far more important than the numbers though are all of the emails, tweets and conversations that you have sent us over the years.

I have and continue to appreciate every single one and hope that the writing chit-chat continues in the future. I’m always on (or near) Twitter if you need me.

Thank you so much for listening.

Speak to you soon.

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