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The Mac App Store, iBookstore and the one-click wonder

Yesterday Apple launched the much-awaited Mac App Store []. People are buying Angry Birds [] all over again and a range of other applications that they don’t actually need []. Having downloaded the OSX (Apple’


Hey writers, it’s time to take a break from technology!

Goodness gracious me. When you work flat out on your writing for a significant period of time, or just work flat out in general, how easy it is to forget about the benefits of taking a break []. That’s what I did last week. I went


Self-publishing and ebooks do not create a level playing field for writers

Watch this episode on YouTube [] It’s all kicking off in the world of self-publishing and ebooks. The Kindle is now very affordable and the iPad is like the sexiest book in the world apart from a real sexy book that’s littered with filth and