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Virginia Woolf on why writing isn't a craft

This is the only surviving recording of Virginia Woolf [] . She’s reciting the opening of an essay on how to read literature, but there’s some incredible stuff on writing too. It’s a fascinating insight. I quite liked this pointed section:


When is it okay to stop reading a book?

There are many good reasons to stop reading a book, it's just that we're often a bit too reluctant to actually do it.

When is it okay to stop reading a book?
A is for Angelica

Come see me at Leicester Book Festival this weekend!

This Saturday (18 May 2013) I’ll be appearing at the inaugural Leicester Book Festival [] alongside fellow Legend Press stalwarts, Sam Mills and Tom Chambers. The event starts at 7.30pm at the New Walk Museum and Arts Gallery and I’m fair looking forward to


An ATM for books

Guest post by George Angus [] Imagine a book store that always has whatever book you are looking for in stock. Imagine that the title you are seeking could be in your hands at a traditional book cost in about 5 minutes. No ordering over the internet and