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One year of being a published author

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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12 months ago today, A is for Angelica, my debut novel, the one I poured my heart and soul into for several years, was published by Legend Press. In this video, I reflect on what’s been a unique, extremely challenging, and ultimately wonderful year in my life.

For those of you who have followed my progress more closely than the average internet nit, you’ll know that there’s been a little more to deal with than the mere matter of becoming a published author. Stuff like being a new dad to twins, being made redundant, losing a grandad, then trying to settle into a new job with, well, all of the above happening.

It’s not been easy, but Team Broome has been a force to be reckoned with. And all is now calm, all is now well. I’m also very pleased with how A is for Angelica has progressed. I’ve loved getting all your reactions to the novel and I sincerely appreciate your support. I’m currently working on novel number two. You can follow my progress via Very Meta.

Anyway, enough waffle. Don’t forget, if you’re reading this via an RSS reader or in an email, you can watch the video on YouTube right here. Let me know what you think in the comments below this post.

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