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New year, new job

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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After what will be three months of babies, more babies, and an actually pretty decent stab at being a freelance writer, from the beginning of January I’ll be back in full-time employment.

Last week I was offered what I think is an exciting and interesting position at Sheffield Hallam University. I will be a Research Associate in Digital Communications, part of a brand new Interaction Design team, which is in turn part of C3RI, the University’s largest research institute.

It’s an exciting role because it brings together the work I previously did at The Workshop with everything I’ve learnt in my spare time. Like how to set up and run a relatively successful blog and podcast. Oh, hello! On a personal level, with 10-week old twins in the house, the security is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Lastly, this job should also give me chance to start focusing my attention on the thing I love the most: writing fiction. I can’t wait for Christmas with my new family, and January feels like a fresh start all round. I’m fair looking forward to it.

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