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My interview for Singularity Magazine

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Towards the end of lat year I was asked by Vincent Tan if I would give an interview for his Singularity Magazine. I said yes and really rather enjoyed the experience.
In it I talk about Write for Your Life, A is for Angelica (my novel) and, of course, the writing process in general. I did my best to sound all clever. You know, like I know what I’m doing.

Stuff like this:

It’s important to find that difficult balance between having confidence in your work and not expecting instant success. I’ve written before in various places that I try and think about my writing on the following terms. Reach for the stars. Expect nothing. It’s important to believe that you can, for instance, get a novel published if you work hard and are willing to listen and improve. But it’s also vital that you don’t get ahead of yourself and expect it to happen. Like I say, it’s about managing expectations.

You can head over to Singularity’s archives page now and read the whole interview. You can’t miss it, my big fat face is all over the November issue (I didn’t expect all those photos to get used, honestly, I promise).

Also, as an added bonus, in the December issue you can read a rare interview with Matt Pearce, the wonderful illustrator and all-round good egg who designed this very website.

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