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Moving to Mailchimp for email subscribers

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
1 min read

If you subscribe to this site via email, you’ll notice that this post is rather different. That’s because I’ve changed the service I use from Feedburner to the wonderful Mailchimp.

But why?

I’ve had problems with Feedburner in the past, but after the last few posts didn’t get sent to subscribers (that’s you!), I decided it was finally time to pull the plug and make the change.

And it’a good change too!

For a start, it looks much nicer, with formatted HTML emails that match the design of the site itself. But beyond that, you can also see the latest few posts from the site and easily share the email in all the right places. Most importantly, Mailchimp is way more reliable.

All in all, this change is better for me and should be better for you too.

What will happen?

Absolutely nothing, really, especially if you don’t subscribe via email. The 1000 or so of you that do should continue to receive an email whenever I post to the site. That’s about it.

Of course, if all has worked as it should, you folks will be reading this very post in the new format. Let me know if you see any problems or weirdness.

And don’t forget, though it would break my heart and make me feel terrible for a long, long time, you can always unsubscribe and stop receiving updates whenever you like.


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