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Dealing with heartbreaking critiques

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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A fantastic post about how to deal with feedback on your writing from Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward. It’s all sound advice, but I rather like this, final point:

Here’s where all the pain and suffering of receiving critiques finally pays off. You get to sit down with your writing project and make it even better.

And that’s the key, folks. Half the trick of producing quality writing is in having the patience and determination to write the best book you possibly can. When it’s so easy to give up or settle for ‘good enough’, being prepared to go that extra mile – if you pardon the cliché – can make the difference between published and unpublished, readers and no readers.

So if someone gives you feedback that you know is useful, but will take time and hard work to put into practice, make sure you don’t choose the easy option. Find a way to make that time and do that work. It will be totally worth it.

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