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CreativeMornings Sheffield

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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CreativeMornings is a monthly event that tales place in cities all over the world. Creative folk get up early and gather at a lovely venue to drink coffee, eat too much pastry and hear a talk by someone marvellous.

CreativeMornings comes to Sheffield

Sheffield, my home city, now has its own CreativeMornings. Set up by the ace Penny Lee, it’s only been going for a few months and already folks snaffle tickets up sharpish.

You can look out for a CreativeMornings Sheffield podcast that I’m working on and plan to launch later this month. For now, check out the video above, which I hastily put together following a last-minute decision to take some footage on my phone at the last event.

It’s rough around the edges, but was good fun to do. Lesson for next time: take more footage!

Printed By Us

To give you a little more information about the talk, the speaker was Mark Musgrave, who with the help of my old pals at Yoomee, has created a great project called Printed By Us.

Here’s what it’s all about:

We run screen printing workshops for people in Sheffield who may have experienced homelessness and other complex issues. We collaborate with local artists to create unique artwork, then: We hand screen print artwork. We sell the prints. We run more workshops.

It’s a smashing idea and so far, it seems to be working.

It was amazing to hear from James, who has previously been homeless and said that his life had improved significantly because of Printed By Us. James even did a live screen print on the day – everyone got to take home a ‘Just Take The Next Step’ print, designed by Rich Wells.

Take a look at the Printed By Us website and consider buying a print, if you can afford it.

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