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Blogging in 2012

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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I was going to share some of my upcoming plans for Write for Your Life, but I’ve heard so much about what other people are doing in 2012, I decided against it. I figured that maybe you’ve also had your fill of writing resolutions and things to look forward to that aren’t really things for you to look forward to.
As I was deciding not to tell you about my plans because everyone else is telling you about their plans, I had another thought. Maybe, when Valentine’s Day or Easter or some other arbitrary date comes around, I might not tell you about anything related to those things either. Because that’s what everyone else will be doing. Obviously.

But this is where I ran into a problem. Now I had two things that I’d both thought about and decided. If I could come up with one more thought or decision, I’d have what could legitimately be referred to as a list. So maybe it would be fine for me to write a blog post after all. I could write a list of thoughts and decisions.

Because people love lists. Lists and statistics.

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