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Any Other Name by Emma Newman

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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I’m not one for promoting any old nutbags on my website, but I’m most certainly one for telling you about internet pals like Emma Newman, whose new novel, Any Other Name, comes out today, and who’s running a really rather interesting campaign for spreading the word. Long sentence. Sorry.
Here’s Emma to explain:

Over ten days – finishing on the date of the UK paperback release (6th June) – I’ll be tweeting links to blog posts elsewhere online which will contain the links you need to find all twelve objects and I’ll be using the #splitworlds hashtag. I’ll link to them on Facebook too.

I think this is a great way to create interest and promote a novel, and I’m pleased to be host to one of those secret links. There’s a second phase to the promotion on its way, and you can find out more on Emma’s launch post.

And do tell me if you’ve seen other innovative ways that authors and publishers have used to market books. I’m all ears/eyes/whatever.

It also happens that Emma has contributed to this blog and the Write for Your Life podcast before:

About Any Other Name

AnyOtherName-144dpiAny Other Name is the second novel in the Split Worlds series, following on directly after the events in Between Two Thorns. Cathy is secretly seeking a way out of Nether Society by helping Max and the gargoyle to investigate the murders in the Bath Chapter. When she learns more about the mysterious Agency which oils the wheels of life in the Nether it becomes clear that the privileged few are enjoying their existence at a price far higher than they realised. It’s time to change Nether society, but with assassins, Fae lords and revengeful fallen Rosas to deal with, can Cathy survive long enough to make a difference?

Release date: 28th May US/Canada paperback, audio and e-book worldwide, 6th June 2013 UK paperback

Signed copies will be available from Toppings Books, Bath and Forbidden Planet.

UK Print and Ebook: | Book Depository | Waterstones

US Print and Ebook: | |

DRM-Free Epub Ebook on sale May 28th 2013 from the Robot Trading Company

Pre-order the audio version from The Book Depository |

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