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A is for Angelica to be part of Amazon's 100 ebooks for £2.99 summer promotion

Iain Broome
Iain Broome

I’ve just received some exciting news from my marvellous publisher, Legend Press. My debut novel, A is for Angelica, has been selected for Amazon’s ‘100 ebooks for £2.99’ summer promotion, which runs throughout August.
It means Angelica should appear in some pretty exciting places on Amazon’s site, which will be great for getting the word out. It also means, of course, that you can get stuck in and buy the book at a rather splendid price!

On a personal note, as you might imagine, preparing for identical twins is taking up a lot of my time and brain space, so this kind of promotion is so important.

Thanks as always for your support. Less than seven days to go until the novel is out in the wild!

A is for Angelicapromotion

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