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The Broome Cupboard, my newsletter for writers

Iain Broome
Iain Broome
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Today I send out the first issue of a new-look version of my email newsletter, The Broome Cupboard. Mailchimp has been my go-to email service for years and it’s great in almost every way. However, I wanted to find a better, quicker way to share the links and goodies I find on my daily trawl of the internet. That’s why I’m switching to Goodbits.

Curating the web

My newsletter has always been a little bit about me, but it’s also been a place to share interesting stuff with my fellow writers and creative folks. There will be lots more of that from now on. Goodbits has a handy Chrome extension that allows me to select, comment on and add a link to my newsletter straight from the browser. It’s an amazing feature that means each issue will have more links and more commentary. Yet the whole thing takes no more time for me to assemble.

Landing page

Goodbits also comes with a very handy landing page that makes The Broome Cupboard feel much more like a thing. Yes, issues will go out by email, as normal. But they will also appear as part of a full archive and include public links that people can directly share with others. It’s basically a newsletter and a website.

Regular publishing schedule

Honestly, for creating emails that feature curated links and uploaded images, Mailchimp can be a little fiddly. There is a lot of copying and pasting. When life’s got busy, I’ve simply not kept to what is supposed to be a weekly schedule. I expect that to change. If you subscribe to The Broome Cupboard, your emails will arrive on Wednesdays.

Sponsored links and reader support

All of these new features come with a price. Literally. To get all these features and really improve the newsletter, I’ve had to sign up to a paid plan with Goodbits. That’s absolutely fine for the 300+ subscribers I have right now, but will get more expensive as the list grows. In the future, I may look to include a sponsored link per issue or even provide a way for readers to offer direct support.

Subscribe now!

Enough of this waffling. If you are already signed up to The Broome Cupboard, you can expect to see Issue 1 in your inbox very shortly. If you’re not subscribed but you are a writer or creative type who likes it when someone shows you all the good stuff on the internet, head to the landing page and subscribe now. Immediately. Go. Go!

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